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Framed within a bisque-golden sandy beach, a plumed emerald garden, and the pearl-mystic turquoise Ionian sea waters of Lichnos bay, Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites resort, embodies everything luxury suites and beach bungalows stand for. Situated near the town of Parga, in Epirus Greece, it is a 4 star luxury resort and beach hotel for every visitor. From young couples, who wish to enjoy water sport activities in the Ionian Sea and the pulsing night-life of Parga, to families and older people, who wish to indulge in luxury and relax during their vacation in dazzling Greece. Lichnos Beach, a luxury accommodation in Parga, Greece, hosts a plethora of hotel rooms, suites and bungalows, for couples and family vacation, that all have a direct Ionian Sea view. Each unit has a comfortable balcony where you can have private, relaxing moments with your family. Additionally, all rooms, bungalows and suites automatically become romantic lovesome nests for couples and newlyweds who chose Lichnos bay in Parga, Greece, for their honeymoon destination.


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