Xirokambi, Dimos Faridos, Xirokampi, Esparta, Grecia

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 Taleton Eco Boutique Hotel is named after the highest peak of Mount Taygetos and it operates under sound ecological principles and is the result of environmental awareness. It is set in the dreamily beautiful countryside of Xirokambi village, Laconia, that nestles at the foot of Mount Taygetos just a fifteen-minute drive from Sparti (Laconia, Peloponnese). Taleton Eco Boutique Hotel  takes its guests away from the bustle of the city and provides them with a unique accommodation experience in hospitable hotel with tastefully-furnished surroundings and all the amenities they need for a relaxing, enjoyable stay. Yet it takes the needs of the environment into account and treats its surroundings with the utmost respect to nature and the environment. The two level rooms as well as the two level suites of Taleton Eco Boutique Hotel are spacious and comfortable enough to make guests feel at home. Grasp the chance to enjoy the beautiful yard with the magnificent fountain. Relax at the fireplace living room while reading one of the books offered there. Taleton Eco Boutique Hotel has been built with respect for Nature and for this reason it takes advantage of geothermal energy. Delicious breakfast made of local ecological products is served every morning! Laconia area and Peloponnese district, as a whole, are full of natural beauty. Consequently, Taleton Eco Boutique Hotel, which is located in that area, can be considered as an accommodation centre for nature lovers from all over the world, who wish to tour in the area of Laconia and at the same time to experience accommodation at an ecological guest house. Xirokambi is an ideal base from where you can make excursions to the famous Sparti city and to the Byzantine castle of Mystras. At the same time, it can be the starting point of a hiking route to the mountain slopes and of various other activities. The peaks of Taygetos mountain stand imposingly over a valley full of olive and orange groves. The building complex is a good example of traditional industrial architecture in the Mani district of Laconia. Constructed in stone, it originally housed general work areas, silk production areas, an olive press with a marble tank for storing the olive oil it produced, other storage areas and an oven. The building dates from the mid 19th century (1838) and its origins are well-documented in writings and in the inscription on its stone plaque.


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